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Children self defence

Youth Class

Learning Self Defence


Koryu Uchinadi Newcastle Youth Class 

Children - 8 to 15 years

Koryu Uchinadi Newcastle Martial Arts Karate training places emphasis not only on discipline, respect and self defence, 

but also encourages children to learn through fun and enjoyment of the art.

Koryu Uchinadi Newcastle Martial Arts Karate training is not just about kicking and punching, but about building confidence 

and life skills that will benefit your child in everyday living.

Children self defence

Self Defence

Practicing techniques

Some of the many reasons for starting 

your child in a Martial Arts program:

  • Your child may be struggling with their focus and attention?
  • You are worried your child’s shyness may lead to less opportunity at school and beyond?
  • You see a natural athlete and would like to nurture that by investing in a program that fosters real life skills?
  • Maybe you would like to give your child an outlet to utilise their natural leadership skills?
  • Perhaps your child has a lot of pent up energy and doesn’t know how to deal with it correctly?
  • You would like to equip your child with some basic self defence skills so they feel safe and confident?

Whatever your reason, martial arts training will provide your child with the knowledge, physical and mental strength to help them throughout their life journey.

Our Youth class sizes rarely exceed 20 students, ensuring that your child does not 'get lost in the crowd'. Smaller class sizes also allow us to provide more attention to the individual needs of students.


Our Youth age group can train once or twice a week, but for the best improvement and development,

we recommend twice a week

We also have a number of social events each year for students, their families and friends.

Social events - various images from ice skating, treetops, disco, climbing wall & christmas party

Koryu Uchinadi Newcastle Karate Classes are held in our dedicated martial arts training facility (Dojo) which is centrally located in Raymond Terrace, a short drive from surrounding suburbs of Medowie, Clarence Town, Seaham, Thornton, Beresfield, Woodberry, Heatherbrae, Williamtown, Salt Ash, Millers Forest, Tomago, East Seaham, Limeburners Creek, Glen Oak, Hinton and Morpeth

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Robert King

Phone: 0416197644

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