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Haru Geiko 2024
One of our students with is mum on the mat as part of our 2023 Mothers day May offer

Celebrate Mothers Day 2024

Martial Arts for Mums!

With the celebration of Mother’s Day coming up, why not share a special bonding experience with your children? For the month of May, join them on the mat and discover the joy of martial arts together. Our Mother-Child Martial Arts Month* is the perfect way to celebrate the bond between mothers and their children.


What to Expect:

Quality Time: Share the excitement of training martial arts with your kids​

Skill Building:  Learn kicks, punches and blocks side by side with your child giving you an insight into their training and enabling you to assist them practice and improve at home


Fitness Fun:  Get active, improve your mental and physical well-being while sharing some quality time with your child

Confidence Boost: Experience the joy of mastering new techniques  

Community Connection: Join our supportive martial arts family


Special Offer 

For mums who decide to continue training we will provide you a Gi  and waive your membership fees for the remainder of 2024 .


Let’s kick off this special day with karate kicks and family smiles!

* Note: The Mother’s Day offer applies to parents/carers of current students or students participating in our Introductory Offer.

Hatsu Geiko 2024 - welcoming in the commencement of the new year of training

Hatsu Geiko 2024
Saturday 6th January

Gasshuku group photo

Australasian Gasshuku 2024
Fri 31st May to Sun 2nd June


Disco  2024
Sat 24th August

Get your disco dancing shoes ready.

The 2024 Australasian Gasshuku will be held in Toowoomba QLD

Hatsu Geiko is our first training session for 2024, to celebrate the commencement of the new year we hold this on Birrubi beach at Anna Bay.

Meet at the surf club (73 James Paterson street) car park at 8.45 am before heading on to the beach, we start training from 9.00 am.

Make sure you bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water.

No Gi’s are required, just wear your regular beach gear.

Looking forward to starting off the year with a fun, relaxed session on the beach.

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