Koryu Uchinadi Newcastle

Functional, application - based Martial Arts

Disco and Winter sleep over

Saturday August 10th - 6.00 pm  to 

Sunday August 11th - 9.00 am

This is a fund raising event held every year open to current students, their family and friends. The evening starts with a disco to build your appetite followed by a meal (generally pizza) followed by some more dancing to work off the pizza. Once the dancing is finished about 9 pm any juniors will need to head home, and the youth and seniors all settle in our sleeping bags for a movie to put us all to sleep

Cost - $10.00 to Disco and $15.00 to Disco & Sleepover

Don't forget this is a fund raising event, this year we are supporting -
Alive Project - Ending Youth Suicide. 

More information about Alive can be found on their website  https://www.alive.org.au/