Koryu Uchinadi Newcastle

Functional, application - based Martial Arts

Junior Classes - 4 to 7 years

This is an integrated Martial Arts program tailored to meet the needs of children between the ages of 4 and 7.

Children in this age group love physical activity, anything involving play, creativity and problem solving. 

The training is built around the early elements of the Koryu curriculum to build skills that are appropriate for this age group.  Your child will learn and grow at a pace that is not too easy, nor too challenging.

Classes include elements incorporating:
  • Focus - Punching and kicking a pad
  • Teamwork - Holding a kicking target for their partner 
  • Discipline - Properly sit, take a knee, kneel on both knees, and stand at attention without moving
  • Coordination - Performing left and right punching combinations on the mitts