Koryu Uchinadi Newcastle Karate

Functional, application - based Martial Arts for  children and adults

The origins of Koryu Uchinadi


The founder and head instructor is Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi (Master) 9th dan. Hanshi McCarthy began his training in the fighting arts as a young man growing up in Canada. Hanshi holds Yudansha (black belt) accreditation in Jujutsu, Judo, Yamaneryu Kobudo and Sugino-ha Katori Shinto Ryu (Japanese swordsmanship).   Hanshi has competed in many events including kata, kick boxing and shoot fighting (wrestling) and was the North American Champion in kumite and kobudo.    Hanshi has been published a number of times and his book the ‘Bubishi‘, commonly referred to as the ‘bible of karate’, has been translated into numerous languages and sold world-wide.

Following a successful competitive career on the North American open tournament circuit, he became dissatisfied with the sport and started seeking out teachers and schools that could provide him with a greater understanding of the art. This led him to Japan where he lived for many years, training with many notable instructors and researching the origins of Karate.

In the early '90s Patrick McCarthy started delivering seminars around the world teaching kata applications and associated application practices. Word spread of his innovative ideas and by 1994 he was invited to Australia by the President of the AKF to establish a course to accredit Karate instructors. This ultimately led to the development of a government-recognized under graduate program, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Shortly after this McCarthy Sensei realized that he needed to formally name what, up until then, he had been referring to as "old school practices," hence; Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu was born.


Patrick McCarthy's principal instructors were Master Richard Kim, Master Jay Wah Leong and Grandmaster Kinjo Hiroshi. 

Grandmaster Kinjo was also Richard Kim’s teacher, and studied under Hanashiro Chomo, Oshiro Chojo, Tokuda Anbun and Gusukuma Shinpan - all students of Itosu Ankoh and Matsumura Sokon.